Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mom's Chicken Curry


Mom made a pot of chicken curry last month and invited my grandparents for lunch. While she usually chops the pieces of chickens into bite-sized bits, we requested that she leave them whole. Whenever she'd make this curry with bite-sized chunks of chicken, we'd always find fragments of broken bone in our curry. Not fun.

Here's a brief rundown of how Mom makes her curry:

Chopped onions are sautéed with minced garlic and curry paste. Then the meat, in this case it was chicken drumsticks, peanut butter and fish sauce goes in. Coconut milk and water are added before seasoning to taste with sugar. The curry is then simmered for a few hours, with certain root vegetables and vegetables thrown in at during times to prevent over-cooking. Mom has used things like: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, string beans, eggplants and bamboo shoots.  For the best results, this curry is made the night before and then it's gently simmered for a few hours the following morning/afternoon.

There are two main ways our family eats this curry: with bread or with vermicelli noodles. We rarely eat the chicken curry with rice though. I prefer eating this curry with the Japanese somen noodles. I like the texture much better than the wiry vermicelli noodles we sometimes use. The somen noodles are the same noodles I like to eat Vietnamese bun with.

The somen noodles does require more attention though, because after it has been boiled, it needs to be rinsed off in cold water, and then the water needs to be squeezed out to prevent the soft noodles from becoming waterlogged.

Warmed up in the toaster oven, our favourite bread is a nice baguette.


The curry is usually so satisfying!

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  1. Oh yum! I re-created my mum's chicken curry last winter, it was good but lacking something... and now I know it was the somen noodles! Thank you


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