Friday, December 06, 2013

Oven Baked Chicken Stuffed with Ham and Swiss

Andrew and I were going to make some breaded chicken stuffed with ham and swiss cheese. We couldn't find the breadcrumbs, so we just made the chicken without it.

We baked the chicken in a pan and then once the chicken juices ran clear, we took the chicken out to rest a bit. I was thinking about making a gravy or something but the pan drippings wasn't that flavourful. Then I remembered that you could reduce pan drippings to concentrate the flavour.

The pan drippings were poured into a small pot and simmered down. I should've stopped reducing at this point.

But I thought it needed a couple of more minutes. When I checked the drippings again, it turned into a chicken pan dripping paste with the fat floating on top. At that point, we could've made a gravy but we just used a little with our chicken.

We rarely reduce pan drippings, instead, we usually just use the drippings in the sauce. By reducing the drippings, not only does the flavour get concentrated, but the oils will separate which will make it easier to scoop out.

The chicken with the pasta didn't taste great together. It felt like the chicken fell into the plate/bowl of pasta. They were good separately though.


  1. Mmm. I haven't had a chicken cordon bleu in years.

  2. It's actually easy to make. You should try it out.


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