Wednesday, February 19, 2014

McD's Olympic Fan Pack

While some people love to go to McDonald's all the time, I'd rather go have some pho or pizza instead. I do enjoy getting McNuggets when we do go after their breakfast service.


Anyway, one of the current promotions is the Olympic Fan Pack containing 20 nuggets, two medium fries, two medium drinks, two fountain drinks, two cookies, and two collector pins for $13.99. Pretty sweet, especially when you get fresh nuggets and fries. The nuggets were barely warm but the fries were fresh.

Back in the days when they served pizzas, I was that crybaby that only wanted their crappy pizza -- even if it meant that we'd have to wait for them to fire up the ovens. Pathetic, I know. I then went through a McChicken phase and then got hooked on Big Macs following the mad cow situation many, many moons ago. Now when I eat a Big Mac, my body is hit harder than other junk foods. And that's why I stick with their nuggets.

The previous night, Richard and I went to see a Sens game where the Sens scored a goal in the last minute of play. That meant that we could go to redeem a free Big Mac sandwich with our ticket stubs. So in addition to the Fan Pack, Andrew and I also got two free Big Macs. I didn't touch mine when we there.

I did enjoy a few nuggets with honey though. Fries and honey don't work well together. I'll stick with fries and sweet & sour sauce or ketchup.

With crisp edges, gooey melted chocolate chips, and a chewy center, these warm chocolate chip cookies were surprisingly good. But when I think about how much money McD probably spends on R&D, it makes sense.

Full Disclosure:
I wasn't paid, reimbursed or asked to write about McDonald's. These views are my own.

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