Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Baking Bland Yogurt Jam Pucks – September 22, 2007

*I'm trying to catch up on some really old posts, so bear with me.*

Over a year ago, I baked these horrible yogurt and jam muffins. It was supposed to moist and light and fluffy, but it turned out terrible. They were hard and tasteless. I totally overbeat the batter and added the yogurt too soon. I don’t totally remember, but I think I just added yogurt to an existing muffin recipe I had. I ate a couple of them straight out of the oven, and they weren’t too bad. After they cooled properly, they hardened. It was gross. I guess I should look for a better yogurt muffin recipe, or just follow the instructions properly next time. Since these were such a failure, I’m not going to bother posting the recipe.

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