Sunday, February 01, 2009

Best Dim Sum!

Guys, I can't believe it, but I just had the best dim sum earlier today! Everything was so hot and arrived at our tables at the perfect times. Mmm.... You know what sucks though? I didn't take any pictures, but I have an excuse! The place was packed and I was so hungry that I didn't have time to take any. Plus, my camera was in my bag, on the floor, beside my feet - too much effort! As I have done in previous posts, I'll just reuse some pictures (but you won't know that, because you don't follow us regularly). =)

My friend, we'll call her Miss Budda, and I planned to grab dim sum and take some pictures, in Chinatown, for an upcoming assignment. I wanted to bring her to a place that had rolled carts, but we didn't get to Chinatown until 1:30ish. I decided to take her to Rol San, as I think they had really good dim sum, compared to Forestview.  We waited inside the door for about 2 mins when a waiter told us to go to the back of the house, where the other sitting area was. There was a line in front of both sitting areas, but that comes as no surprise.

At Rol San, you have to order the dim sum items using the little menu-sheet-thing. No carts here. 

We waited around 10 minutes for our table, marking our orders down on the menu-sheet-thing while we patiently watched steamers of dim sum goodies being carried to the front of the house. When we sat down, the waitress set our table and took our order. Our chicken feet came in record time - not even two minutes after the waitress left with our menu-sheet-thing. I was shocked and impressed how quick it came. I would usually eat an ankle or two and then stop, but because it was fresh out of the steamers, really soft, and because Miss Budda wasn't a fan of the chicken feet, I ate it all. These chicken feet were the best I've had! It kind of helps that we were sitting adjacent to the kitchen (where they steamed everything).

Next came our pork siu mai and shrimp har gow. Nothing really stood out with these two items. Oh, I do have to point out that their soy sauce is good. It reminds me of the soy sauce Yangtze used to have. Siu mai and har gow taste so much better when dipped in yummy soy sauce. Miss Budda agrees with me and so should you.

My noodles came next. I asked for extra sauce, as usual, and was not disappointed. The noodle to sauce ratio was perfect. The sauce also tasted great; not too smoky, not too salty and not too bland. I did cheat by adding a bit of soy sauce to my noodles though. I know, I'm going to die of high blood pressure, but hey, at least I'll die eating great food! Mmm... lol. Miss Budda also enjoyed the noodles, but who wouldn't?

The last two things we ordered were the rice noodle rolls with beef and some fried shrimp dumpling (the one wrapped with a wonton skin, deep fried, and served with mayo). What a great ending to our meal. With all that food, we definitely had leftovers and happily took them home. I'm actually eating my share right now and it's very good. ^_^

In the end, my friend was the only one who took pictures for the assignment and I ended up having bubble tea twice within two hours (it was Miss Budda's fault, she MADE me do it! Honestly!). 

Oh, I should mention that Rol San claims to have all day dim sum from Sundays to Thursdays now. Where was that the last time I tried going there? What lies...

If you ever want great dim sum on the weekend, go to Rol San. It's worth the wait! If you're planning to go with a group larger than 5, I suggest you make a reservation on the weekends.



323 Spadina Ave,
Toronto, ON


  1. Hello! What would you say the best bubble tea in TO would be, someplace between the financial district and Bloor?


  2. hey!! Christine, do you still remember me? I was once in your Chinese class. I saw your blog address on your msn name so I just came by to take a look!! That's so cool you guys take all these pics of food and talk about food!! I LOVE FOOD!! :D It's a cool blog! I didn't know you have a sister in Kingston. That's where I go for university!
    If you have time, come visit mine my blog:
    Take care and happy eating!

  3. Labness: Where's the financial district? lol, I'm not that familiar with downtown Toronto yet. Just Chinatown and a bit of Kensington Market. Erm, I'd suggest that you just go to the Tea 168 or Ten Ren tea shops in Chinatown. That's pretty close to the financial district, no?

    Amy: Hey Amy! How's it going? Haven't spoken to ya since.... that time we played badminton? What are you doing in Kingston?


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