Monday, February 16, 2009

Rant: Yangtze.. No More

Sunday started off with people cancelling our little dim sum outing. My friend and I went to Yangtze (around 11:30), waited for 10 minutes for a table, and waited (for a total of about) an hour to get food. I'll explain.

We were seated in the middle of the restaurant, towards the back. The place was full of Canadians. We barely saw any Chinese people. The Chinese people we did see were with Canadian friends and/or family. Not long after we sat down, the siu mai cart came. A cart with the chicken feet came soon after. The siu mai wasn't bad, but the chicken feet wasn't good at all. We were munching on those while keeping our eye out for the cart hiding the steamed noodle rolls. We saw one that came around, asked for the beef one but the lady said that she didn't have any and that more was coming soon. I watched her as she served the table behind us, and guess what she had? Not one - two plates of the beef ones! Bah. I was thinking that they probably ordered it ahead.

We picked up a bowl of noodles (that wasn't stir fried properly) and a plate of shrimp spring rolls. Still, no noodle rolls. We watched the same two carts (that had nothing we wanted) being rolled around. One particular cart, containing deep fried wontons, shrimp stuff peppers and the white steamed dessert thing, seemed to always be around us.

I got fed up, asked the younger waiter (the one with glasses) for the noodle rolls and waited some more. We picked up a bowl of deep fried squid and waited. We watched the waiter (that I asked for the rolls) cleaning tables, setting them up and going to the little booth to calculate bills. He didn't pass our table once. Tired of waiting, we decided just to get almond jello. For some reason, I asked the guy for the jello. This time, he mostly stayed in the little booth calculating other people's bills.

Really annoyed that he wasn't making an effort to get us our food, I asked one of the older (and by that, I mean that she's been working at Yangtze for a long time) waitresses - the one with the spikey, redish hair who also has that mole - for the jello. She immediately went to the kitchen and came back with the jello. She even brought us a small bowl and an extra spoon! While my friend was dividing the dessert, the waitress quickly calculated our bill. Now THAT is how you serve customers. It's too bad that guy wasn't watching. He was probably still in that stupid booth. How could that guy be so retarded? We even watched him stand in one spot for a good 5 minutes. We paid the bill and left.

We definitely spent more time waiting for food than eating. The food wasn't even that great. We had horrible service and probably should've disputed the cost of our $30 bill. So expensive for what we ordered. I was just so frustrated that there were barely any carts, there wasn't a large variety, the foods they did make wasn't all that great, and, of course, I was (and still am) pissed off that we waited for so long. My face is getting hot as I type this.

Yangtze sucks for dim sum. They're over-priced, their food quality isn't consistant, and the restaurant isn't even wheel chair accessible. The only reason I'll go back is only for the deep fried shrimp balls (which I passed up on during our frustrating experience). When they stop making them taste so good, I'll stop eating there. No more Yangtze. You have pushed too many of my buttons. No more.

The end.

~ Christine

Doesn't matter where they are. You're not going.


  1. Bummer!!!! I guess it's good that I was in bed, in the dark, in pain...In a way. LoL.


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