Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winterlude and Parliament Hill - February 13th - 16th, 2009

I had planned to take pictures of downtown Ottawa during my Christmas break, but the OC Transpo went on strike. There went that plan. They ended up accepting the city's offer the morning I left for Toronto. What luck, eh?During my Reading Week, I went downtown and took lots of pictures. It was great because the weather was awesome - blue skies and a bit windy (for the flags - more on that later). Here are a couple of pictures I took downtown.

Oh, I would like to point out that the only photoshop-ing I did on these pictures was adjusting the curves, levels and adding the water mark. ^_^

Here are some buildings on Slater. I love the way the blue sky is reflected by the windows. Don't you?

This is my current desktop. Love the Centennial Flame in front of the Center Block and the Peace Tower.

For some reason, there were Canadian flags lining the sidewalk around the grass and stuff. The weird thing is that they were only up for a day. I went by Parliament Hill the next day and the flags were gone. Does anyone know if they put them back up for Obama, cause a lot of us assumed that the flags were for Obama... hmm..

This is the Library that has been under renovation since I can remember. Beautiful, isn't it? Check out the blue parts of the building. Very nice!

A close up on one of the gargoyles.. well, it was one. This looks like an old lady.

This is the view from the edge of the sidewalk on the Hill. Look at the flags lined up in the background.. lol.

Here's a government building on the Mackenzie Bridge.


Cinderella ice sculpture.

There were two ice sculptures of a dragon. This was the better looking one.

Can't spend winter in Ottawa without this... Beavertails!

~ Christine



  1. Great photos man! I love the one that's your desktop and the one of the library.

  2. Thanks! I really like the one under that one .. and the one under that (the old lady "gargoyle"), too! $245 for an 11x14 print of my desktop picture ^_~

    I actually printed my desktop picture out and it turned out great! I'm going to print the other one when I get the time.. the prints look 1000x better than what you're seeing, but you know that =P

  3. The desktop pic (full Centre Block shot) looks like a postcard!

  4. Agreed. We can definitely use them as postcards. I want to take more postcard-worthy photos ^_^.


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