Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Comfort of a Warm Drink Before Bed

A London Fog before bedtime helps ease me into bedtime. I've been feeling a little off for the past few weeks (adjusting to life back in Kingston, no doubt), so falling asleep at a decent time has become an issue. A warm cup of tea is the drinkable (potable?) equivalent of a security blanket for me.

London Fog

A spoonful of sugar, an Earl Grey tea bag, a splash of vanilla, a dribble of milk, and some hot water is the cure for my restlessness.

Once the warm aromas of bergamot and vanilla seep into my pores, I begin slipping into a calmer state. This summer, I would make two cups, but would only be able to get through one and a half before I curl up in bed and fall into the elusive arms of sleep.

London Fogs are perfect for starting and ending the day.



  1. I still think it's because of the milk. I'm telling you, warm milk is my sleeping pill. lol

  2. Speaking of milk, I realized a few nights ago that 1% milk just doesn't cut it in a London Fog. I just might go out and buy a small carton of 2% or even 3.5% (gasp!) milk solely for this purpose.


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