Monday, July 27, 2009

Small Breakfast - July 18, 2009

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One morning, I woke up late, not feeling very hungry, but I knew I had to eat something. I started with my morning tea--this time a London Fog. I've been obsessed with these since June, and I can't quite get enough.

It's as simple as a heaping spoonful of sugar, a few drops of vanilla extract, two tablespoons of milk, an Earl Grey tea bag, and top it off with some extremely hot water. Steep for a minute or two, and you've got yourself a London Fog tea latte.

Heavenly. It strikes a great balance between citrusy and vanilla-y flavours. Plus the physical warmth of the latte is a wonderful way to wake up slowly.

I also ate a small container of vanilla yogurt. I haven't been able to bring myself to eat diet/reduced fat yogurt, yet. I rarely eat yogurt as it is, so why ruin the experience by assaulting my body with aspartame?

Vanilla is my favourite yogurt. Slightly sweet, highly fragrant. It's wonderfully mellow and tart at the same time.

While this wasn't a healthy breakfast by any stretch, it certainly did the trick of holding me over until lunch. I think I need to start incorporating more fruit into my daily diet.

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