Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Truly Excessive Thanksgiving – October 11, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner this year was pure gluttony. We live in a small house, and somehow, we managed to cram 25+ people into our kitchen and living room. To feed this crowd, we made massive amounts of everything. We had one large turkey, three hams glazed with honey mustard, over ten pounds of mashed potatoes, a giant basin of salad, a large pot of gravy, piles and PILES of garlic bread, and two (or maybe three) pans of stuffing.

It was amazing.

IMG_4611 copy

The turkey was a touch dry (even the dark meat), but since I drown my turkey in gravy, it didn’t matter in the end. This is one of three platters of meat from the turkey.

IMG_4613 copy

I toned my mashed potatoes down a little bit because there were so many other side dishes. I spent a good half hour that morning peeling, washing, and slicing potatoes. By the end of the ten pound bag, I was speckled with starch.

IMG_4625 copy

The salad was a simple spring mix, and people could choose which salad dressing to use. We had MANY.

IMG_4617 copy

This is only a third of the spread. We brought platters of everything into the living room where the kids were eating, and there was also extra food in the back, for refills.

I got greedy and loaded up my plate with way too much food (again), and unfortunately, I was full only halfway through it. Almost everyone ended up the same way that night.

Lots of relatives, lots of kids, lots of food, and lots of fun—we had a lot to be thankful for! Happy (very VERY late) Thanksgiving!

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