Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Half-Reunion at the Copper Penny – September 26, 2009

This past weekend, three of us former housemates got together and caught up over lunch. No one was craving anything in particular, so I suggested the Copper Penny. The casual atmosphere was perfect for chatting through lunch.

Garlic bread with cheese

We ordered a loaf of cheesy garlic bread to share. It was a huge loaf, and we only got through half of it. As you can see in the picture, the bread was topped AND filled with cheese. A heavy appetizer, but it brought back a few memories for me. One of my housemates used to bake cheesy garlic bread almost every week, and the aroma used to welcome us after a long day at school.

Smoked Salmon Antajito

Feeling awful after eating unhealthy foods for the past few weeks, I wanted something a little healthy. In the end, I ordered the smoked salmon antajito—a wrap consisting of smoked salmon, goat cheese, capers, onions, and spinach. It comes with your choice of fries or salad, and I chose fries. I’ve already professed my love for Copper Penny’s fries, so I’ll refrain. Anyway, this is an incredibly salty and stinky wrap. The smoked salmon was salty, but the goat cheese was extremely salty. The flavours work well together, proving its worth as a classic combination.

The portion of smoked salmon in the wrap was perfect because the flavour wasn’t buried by the goat cheese. I would have preferred more capers, though. The sour and bitter little buggers could have helped balance the saltiness of the wrap in general. I did notice that the spinach was fresh. Each time I bit into the wrap, the spinach made a satisfying crunching sound.

Tuscan Turkey Club

One of my housemates ordered the Tuscan turkey club wrap with a side salad. She said she liked it. I didn’t ask for details, since we were all chatting away. I’ve enjoyed this dish before, and because of Copper Penny’s consistency, I can safely assume that it was delicious for my housemate as well.

Penny Club on white

My other housemate ordered a Penny Club. Again, I’ve eaten this before (it is my usual order at the Copper Penny), so I’m assuming it was good.

My bill came to $25-ish with tax and tip (I paid for the garlic bread and also ordered an iced tea). A cheap, filling meal in a casual setting, I’d recommend the Copper Penny for catching up with friends.

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