Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Look Back at 2010

It’s the middle of March and I’m just posting this summary up now. Ah well, better late than never, huh?

Over the past year, I've tried to push myself and Lucy to take better images. A few of these were taken with Lucy's point-and-shoot camera. Can you guess which ones? Let’s start with some of my favourite pictures (that were blogged about) in 2010, shall we?

Lunch at Jadeland 1
I have to start with some kind of noodles! [Article: Lunch at Jadeland]

IMG_0604 copy
Beautifully golden fried chicken dumplings. This was taken with Lucy's camera. It just goes to show how a steady hand and natural light can make an image look to great. [Pan Chancho, Northern Dumpling Kitchen, and Kenzo Ramen - June 23rd/24th]

Lucy's Toronto Vacation30
First time making and eating okonomiyaki. [Lucy's Toronto Vacation - 4: Homemade Okonomiyaki]

Seoul House1
Some kind of Korean fish pancake. It was part of our banchan. [Seoul House - Korean BBQ...]

All of the following stats are from March 2010 - March 2011.

Here are the top 5 page views by countries:
5) Netherlands [31 views]
4) United Kingdom [45]
3) Germany [49]
2) United States [500]
1) Canada [1,586]

Following that up, here are the top 5 page views by browsers:
5) Mobile [119 views]
4) Chrome [355]
3) Safari [428]
2) Firefox [745]
1) Internet Explorer [768]

All but two page views listed under “mobile” were viewed on iPhones. I wonder what the blog looks like on an iPhone…

The top 5 referring websites:
5) [855 visits]
4) [1,024]
3) [1,386]
2) [2,779]
1) [3, 071]

The top 5 search keywords that brought people over to our blog:
5) arisu Toronto [28 visits]
4) ka tieu recipe [47]
3) kare raisu recipe [48]
2) homemade boba [74]
1) chicken noodle from scratch [104]

Top 5 Posts:
5) Bobby’s Table [261 page views]

For some reason, people are still flocking to Lucy’s first post of the Japanese curry. It's been the top post every year!

My favourite post of 2010 is a collection of a few:
I’m talking about the posts written about Lucy’s Toronto Vacation, because her visit was so memorable.  Not only did she visit me when I was living on my own (for the first time) and we witnessed Crosby’s “Golden Goal” during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Oh and we can't forget about the epic meals we ate... Librettos, my noodles, dumplings - what more could we need? Just go check it out.

Let me leave you with a few more images that I really like.

Seoul House7
Shrimp tempura. [Seoul House - Korean BBQ...]

My Mac and Cheese5
Homemade macaroni and cheese. I admit, there was a tad too much sauce. [Mom's Mac and Cheese - My Way]

Summer Eats 4
We had lunch by the Manotick locks on a hot, sunny day. The nearby tree and gentle breeze helped ,e get this shot of the cha siu. What a gorgeous spotlight and vignette - it was all natural! [Summer Eats]

Christmas Dinner 2010 - 2
I'll end it with some desserts. Here's a Vietnamese dessert that my aunt made for our Christmas dinner. It's called che suong hot luu. [Christmas Dinners]

Totoya 6
A scoop of matcha green tea ice cream from Totoya. [Random Tidbits: Part 4]

Chocolate Mousse Cake 3
Finally, this was Jimmy's chocolate cake that Lucy bought at T&T. [Random Tidbits: Part 1]


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