Friday, October 28, 2011

Chinese Halloween aka Moon Festival

We celebrated the Chinese version of Halloween (aka mid-autumn festival, moon festival, etc.) back in September. Instead of dressing up and passing out candy to kids, or partying the night away, our family took the time pray and offer food to our ancestors.

The spread was more of the same stir-fried dishes and BBQ proteins we have during these holidays. These dishes are from the "kids table."


Snow peas with shrimp and abalone with shiitake mushrooms.


Roast pork.


BBQ duck, marinated squid, and Lucy giving the plate bunny ears?


A close up of a piece of BBQ duck.


BBQ pork and duck with chow mein.


Chase everything down with some tasty soup.


My aunt also made a Vietnamese bean curd wrapped shrimp roll (tom tau hu ky).

To be honest, I’m not very religious at all, but it’s good to slow down and take the time to remember your ancestors. Plus, it's a time to reflect and appreciate the family. Have a safe weekend. Happy Halloween!

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