Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pork Schnitzel

Whenever pork tenderloin goes on sale at the grocery stores, Mom stocks up as if they were handing them out free. But in saying that, it seems that we’re always running out. We usually break down the tenderloin in: lean slices of pork (for stir frying, hot pot, and noodle soups), cubed pieces of tougher bits (for stewing and braising), and ground pork (by chopping up the fat and lean meat together).


We tend to be less adventurous with pork, so it was nice when someone suggested that we make pork schnitzel for dinner.



It was pretty easy. While Richard sliced and hammered the pork thinly, I poured out the Italian breadcrumbs into a pan and also seasoned the egg wash with salt and lots black pepper. I also seasoned a plate of flour with lots of black pepper.



We set up the breading station by the stove and began to shallow fry each cutlet.



The pork was coated in the seasoned flour, then took a dunk in the seasoned egg and finally got covered up with the breadcrumbs. Each piece was done just before frying over medium-high heat to prevent the breadcrumbs from getting soggy.


Our side dishes were canned corn, steamed broccoli, fried potatoes, and macaroni made with cans of mushroom soup.


Richard mentioned how Germans like monotone foods. Exhibit A: his plate of pasta, potatoes, schnitzel and apricot jam. The only thing we were missing was German beer.

It was quite surprised how well the apricot jam tasted with the pork schnitzel. Don’t underestimate the sweet and salty contrast. Other than the schnitzel, the sides were uninspiring. I guess this was all about the schnitzel.

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