Monday, October 03, 2011

The Five Guys Have Sweet Buns!



Lucy and I noshed on some burgers and fries after a dress fitting. Classy, eh? The Five Guys location in Kanata is just over two months old, but they already have customers flocking to their establishment.




When we arrived around 4pm, there were a few people happily munching on their burgers. We placed our order and watched them make burgers from putting their hand-formed patties on the grill to them dumping a mountain of fries into the brown paper bags.





I’ve read about these burgers on various food blogs before, so I knew that they weren’t going to be neat or pretty. Our experience was no different.

Lucy and I both got “little” burgers, which have one hamburger patty, as opposed to the regular bugers which have two patties. As for the 10 or so free toppings, we went with all dressed. Yes, that includes mushrooms. I was just too hungry to care.

We definitely inhaled our burgers and made a mess of it. It was so worth it though. I found all the toppings overwhelming. It was hard to taste the sweet and fluffy buns that the Five Guys had – that’s what she said! But seriously, my burger had too many things going on. There was way too much ketchup. I saw one of the ladies behind the counter add a layer of ketchup on the burgers. It was like an extra patty of ketchup. Craziness! As I had a few more bites left of my burger, I was able to enjoy the sweet burger buns.

The Cajun fries were disappointing, only because they didn’t come straight out of the fryer. The fries were packed with Cajun seasoning though, but it just wasn’t crisp or hot enough.

As I picked at the fries, I noticed the non-stop waves of customers. Lucy noted that their service was pretty quick; serving 10 orders in 15 minutes. By the time we left, there were only a few seats available.


We left our table as clean as when we first sat down.

As we were on our way home, we reflected on our lunch/dinner. Even though the burgers and fries were more expensive than McD’s, we didn’t feel gross afterwards. I’m definitely going to have a simple burger on my next visit. Maybe a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, lettuce, mayo, and mustard. I’ll just add my own ketchup since I don’t like having a layer of ketchup in my burger.

You haven’t seen the last of us Five Guys. This is just the beginning.


Five Guys
5517 Hazeldean Rd.
Kanata, ON
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