Thursday, October 06, 2011

Quick and Easy Breaded Chicken Dinner


Our family doesn’t always eat Chinese food. We can make breaded chicken too! I bought the breading mix from Bulk Barn and added some extra salt, chili powder, cayenne pepper, and a bit of chicken bouillon powder. The breading tasted much better after the little tweak.

We sliced a few small onions and lined the bottom of a baking pan. A little drizzle of oil and then the breaded chicken pieces were placed on top of the onions. The whole pan was baked in the oven for just under 45 minutes. While the chicken and onions were baking, the side dishes needed to be made in time.


Rummaging through our cupboards, I picked up two cans of beans and warmed them up over the stove. I like to reduce the beans over medium heat until the canned beans liquid becomes a bit thicker. I asked someone to watch over the beans and they butchered them. When you stir the beans, be gentle or else they’ll break up and disintegrate.

I've rediscovered my love for canned beans. I remember the grocery stores (Loeb, Price Club, etc.) used to have little samples of canned beans when Lucy and I were younger. Ah... childhood...


Another quick side dish is… ya, you got it – Lipton Sidekicks. This was one package of sour cream and chives. I think we added a bit of mozzarella cheese to this as well.

There were warm dinner rolls as well, but most of the family ate the chicken with steamed rice. Dinner was quick. It took 45 minutes to make everything. I have to admit; taking shortcuts when making dinner feels pretty good. Making everything/most things from scratch tastes a lot better though.


I want to add this shot as well. My mom is holding the white plate as a reflector. Huhuhuu!~  She was the one who always told us that blogging was a waste of time but now look at her willingness to help! My grandpa still scolds us though.. *sad face*


  1. mmmm! that looks so good! and that's so funny about your mom. my family totally asks before they dig in if i've taken a picture or not. haha!

  2. Sounds like your Mom has bought into this food blogging stuff, huh? ;o)


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