Monday, April 02, 2012

Burgers Before Trip to Asia


As the days ticked down to our departure to our trip to Asia, I really craved some burgers and fries. I knew I'd be eating Chinese food everyday during the whole month, and that made me miss North American food. Thoughts of pizza and burgers weighed heavily in my mind. Since we hadn't had hamburgers since the fall, we decided we'd go and have some burgers for dinner. We drove to Barrhaven and picked up some food from Five Guys.


Along with a bunch of burgers, we got two large drinks and fries to share between five people. It was a perfect amount actually. There were three receipts.



The burgers aren’t exactly photogenic but they taste amazing! I love their sweet hamburger buns. It tastes so good against the salty toppings. All of the burgers were messy. Toppings, condiments, and juices dripped onto the table as we ate our burgers. Sadly, the french fries were limp and under-fried. I wonder if you can ask for well-done french fries.

Lucy was craving a hot dog. I didn’t even know they had it on the menu, but it was there. She was too hungry to tell if it was actually tasty.



For dessert, we had a LaRocca chocolate truffle cake in the fridge. Quite a healthy snack, huh? It was rich and luxurious.

I’d like to say that our family has cut down on our consumption of crap since the new year. We still do enjoy McD’s once in awhile, but just not as much. With that said though, I’d love to have a burger right now.

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