Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Year (2011) in Review

Let's look back over the stuff Lucy and I have cooked, baked, eaten, and photographed. I'm well aware that people usually do these types of posts at the end of December or at the beginning of the new year. *Shrug* All of the links in this page will take you to the corresponding article written, should you choose to click on them and read more. But first, some stats that don't mean much.

Unique visits in the past year:

Unique page views:

Cookie-topped custard buns [link].

Most visits per month:
  1. Jan ’12 (2,668)
  2. Mar ’12 (2,432)
  3. Feb ’12 (2,236)
  4. Mar ’11 (2,203)
  5. Dec ’11 (2,088)

Most page views per month:
  1. Jan ’12 (5,012)
  2. Mar ’12 (4,893)
  3.  Feb ’12 (4,816)
  4. Nov ’11 (3,953)
  5. Dec ’11 (3,852)
Doing some mise en place for multiple Chinese snacks, like Chinese hamburgers and breaded shrimp balls [link].

Most read pages:
  1. 168 Sushi Buffet (1,238 views)
  2.  Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot (669)
  3.  Random Tidbits: Part 7 – Sandwiches (560)
  4.  Chinese New Year 2011 (463)
  5. Ngong Ping, Tian Tan Buddha, Dai Pai Dong (230)
An over-easy egg, toasted croissant, and tangerines [link].

Favourite eats (in no particular order):

Before I end the page with some of my favourite photos of food, I'd like to list some things that I'd like to improve upon over the next year:

  • Capture stronger food images
  • Life needs to be injected into the stuff I write
  • Write sooner so that I'll remember more details
  • Take notes when I can
  • Take more photos of food that have less red, orange, and yellow in the frame

Favourite photos:


Wrapping pot stickers with soup [link].

Soy goose breast at the Chiuchow Garden [link].

Perogies 2
Perogies with bacon, sautéed onions, and sour cream [link].

Daikon dumplings at Tung Yuen [link].

Lucy's Pizza
Lucy's creamy garlic pizza that you have to try for yourself [link].

Soup dumplings inside the CityGate Outlet food court [link].

Billy Bones' ribs from Ottawa's ribfest [link].

Golden pot stickers made from scratch [link].

Chicken pita with a lemonade at Ottawa's annual dragon boat festival [link].

Tim Tams that some relatives brought over from Australia [link].

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