Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ice Cold Tea HERE!

You know what would be awesome? If arenas sold these drinks. ^__^.  Instead of hearing "Ice cold beer, here!" you'd hear "Ice cold tea, here!" Oh yeahhhh..

I've always loved this drink. My grandma used to have these around her house when we were younger. My parents started to buy these for us to bring to school soon after we started begging for them. These bright yellow Chrysanthemum tea drinks taste so good. Just think of a cup of tea, with floral accents and a touch of honey and the rock crystals. I suggest you drink this cold. It's better that way, not that it's crappy when it isn't. It's just better.

I've tried sharing these with some of my classmates, but majority of them (non-asians) thought it tasted of rotting fruit with a very bitter after taste. Meh, more for me! ^__^.

I happen to shoot the juice/tea box for my commercial assignment. I wanted to shoot the marble drink, but couldn't find it. Our assignment was to make a drink, in it's bottle, can or box, look cold. 

... Right out of the c-c-c-cooler. No worries, no one spit in it. (Water Boy reference) Heh. 

That day, I drank 4 of them. I actually drank one before I started this post, too, and I think I'm going to go grab another. Hope you like the picture!


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