Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ol' Reliable Copper Penny Grub – February 26, 2009

The fries from Copper Penny really do rock. If you check out their menu, they claim to be legendary. They are fantastic. It’s not the freshness of the fries (they are most definitely frozen), but the seasoning they add to the freshly fried fries. It’s that nasty powdered chicken stock that is radioactive yellow with bright green specks. Yes, this staple seasoning of the “white food” of my childhood is what makes Copper Penny’s fries freaking deeeeee-lish.

I had a craving for something salty and greasy when my manager asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner on a day that we knew was going to be particularly difficult to get through. I suggested Copper Penny. While their actual food isn’t phenomenal by any stretch, they are very consistent. I don’t eat there often, but when I do, the food always tastes the same as I remember it. It’s probably one of the reasons why Kingstonians and students love this place so much. Oh, and did I mention it’s cheap? Yeah, it’s pretty cheap for a Kingston restaurant. Our total bill for both entrees came to $24-ish.

My boss ordered a chicken Caesar wrap with fries on the side instead of a salad. She said it was pretty good. It’s hard to go wrong with a chicken Caesar anything. If it sucks, add more Caesar dressing! Problem solved.

I decided on a mushroom mozza burger with fries. I wasn’t that hungry when the food arrived, but I ate most of it anyway. The fries were great, as per usual. Crispy, hot, and salty. Yummy! The burger was just okay. It was already topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, a pickle slice, sauteed mushrooms, and mozzarella, but I still had to add mustard and relish for flavour. What else would you expect from a frozen patty? Anyway, like I mentioned before, the food is consistent, so I knew that the burger would just be okay.

I mean, take a look at it. It doesn’t look very appetizing, does it?

So if you go to Copper Penny, don’t expect anything to blow you away, except for the fries. They’re one of the few things that actually live up to their hype.

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Copper Penny
240 Princess Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 549-4257

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