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Mr. Dumpling’s Dumplings – March 7, 2009 *UPDATED*


Mr. Dumpling has changed ownership, and is now called "Arigato Sushi." Thanks to Russ from A Glutton in Kingston for the name of the new place. The owners of Mr. Dumpling have opened another restaurant across the street, "Arisu."

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I don’t feel like writing much, so I’ll post these photos with a short blurb.

Before the food came, we had some banchan. It’s not like in some other restaurants that serve you with half a dozen different varieties. We got two small dishes of kimchi—one napa cabbage and the other daikon. I’m pretty sure they’re homemade because they taste different every time, as if they were from a different batch. Then again, I’m no kimchi expert.

We got two orders of fried pork dumplings. I like the crunchy yet yielding texture of the dumpling skins, and I find the pork dumplings to have better flavour than the chicken and the beef ones. The dumplings were served with a dish of soy sauce and vinegar with red pepper powder sprinkled on top. It cut the richness of the pork nicely.

I ordered some bulgogi since I hate eating dumplings as an entire meal. It was sweet and tender. I hate it when the bulgogi has been over-marinated and ends up falling apart completely. This bulgogi was still pleasantly chewy. I like it a little stinkier though. People should be able to smell the bulgogi off of you after eating it. If this had a little more garlic and onion, it would have been perfect. Of course, I still devoured the dish.

As you can see here, we cleared our dishes completely.

The bill came to $30-ish with tax. For a quick and cheap lunch for two, Mr. Dumpling is highly recommended by yours truly. However, I must point out that it’s cash only, so make sure to stop by a bank or ATM before going there.

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Mr. Dumpling (link to menu)
428 Princess Street (Princess and Division, across from Shoppers Drug Mart)
Kingston, ON
(613) 531-9264

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