Monday, November 08, 2010

Andrew's Birthday - June 1st

So we're a bit behind on some posts. Yeah. The dates won't be following a specific timeline, as I'll be posting up my share quicker than Lucy. Just a heads up.


Let's see... my mom bought Andrew a cake from Costco. We enjoyed it during the weekend with our large extended family before his actual birthday.

Andrew's Birthday1

Look at all the icing! How can people enjoy cake with this much icing? Apparently Jimmy likes the amount of icing.

As a joke, I scrapped off the icing off my slice of cake and added it onto his.

Andrew's Birthday2

I wasn't expecting him to eat it all. He tried though. It was quite funny how sluggish he was as he was nearing the end.

I like eating this cake (without majority of all the icing). The sweet, moist chocolate cake sandwiches a sweeter filling (custard or pudding?). Served with a nice pot of hot tea from Ten Ren, it's a great dessert. The tea helps cut down the sweetness and icing as well.

On his actual birthday, our family went out for dinner to treat Andrew. When asked what he wanted to eat, he chose Totoya. My parents didn't want to try and find parking downtown, so we asked for his second option. He eventually chose the Cafe Orient.

We started off with some hot and sour soup.

Andrew's Birthday3
It was on the watery side.

Salt and pepper steak.

Andrew's Birthday4
The meat had been too tenderized. The texture of the meat barely resembled meat.

Richard ordered some peanut noodles, which essentially was pad thai.

Andrew's Birthday5
I wasn't a fan of this. I was hoping we'd order a plate of rice noodles with beef (the dry one with soy sauce and onions).

This was some sort of fish with black bean sauce.

Andrew's Birthday6

We got some enoki mushrooms with other vegetables.

Andrew's Birthday6

The final dish we ordered was the salty fish with tofu casserole pot.

Andrew's Birthday7

Dinner was disappointing for me, because nothing really stood out. I'm sure everyone else was happy though.



Cafe Orient
808 Somerset St W
Ottawa, ON
Cafe Orient on Urbanspoon

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