Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dim sum at Cafe Orient - May 24th

Yes.. I'm aware that this happened almost two months ago. Heh.


It was one of those days where my cousin was dropped off at our place so that my mom and my aunt could do some shopping. A few of us had just gotten out of bed when they came and since no one really had any energy or desire to make something for lunch, we decided that it would be easier to just grab a bite at a restaurant.

I heard from my cousin, who had some friends that came from Hong Kong, that her friends recommended Cafe Orient for dim sum. I think Richard said that his HK friends told him that the place was also good... I can't remember. I could be making that last part up.

Anyway, instead of going to Yangtze and Chu Shing for dim sum (which can be pricey for what they serve), I suggested that we head on over to Cafe Orient. It's a small restaurant located near the Booth and Somerset intersection. You'll see it a couple doors beside the Indian corner store.

We arrived at the restaurant, around 2:30 in the afternoon, to find that there was a bit of a line. We take a look inside and see that most of the people there are Chinese. We even spot a couple of young families and some older Chinese men chatting up a storm, while munching on dim sum and sipping on tea. That's a great sight to see, cause that means that they serve tasty dishes.

Since the restaurant is small, we were given a small sheet with dim sum items to order from and their everyday menu. We ordered a few items off the dim sum menu and a couple from the everyday menu.

First off, shrimp ha gow. I think we ordered two of these. Even though these were over steamed, these disappeared pretty quickly.

An order of sticky rice, chicken feet, and a rice casserole dish. It was halibut with a cream sauce with your choice of pasta or fried rice. Richard got it with the fried rice.

A steamer of pork siu mai.

Our last dish was a plate of "my noodles".

I put my noodles in quotations cause the chef had decided to put a spin on the dish, as you can see from the picture. Bean sprouts (ugh), mushrooms and ginger were added to the plate of noodles. I really liked the ginger in the sauce. It helped cut the heaviness of the sauce quite well. And because of that, the dish was polished.

I'm pretty sure we had some egg tarts for dessert. Can't remember though. Our overall experience here at Cafe Orient was decent. We'll come back.

808 Somerset St W
Ottawa, ON

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