Thursday, March 12, 2009

Banh Mi

First off, the pictures in Lucy's post (previous to this one) still make my eyes bleed. I should take them off. It's offensive. I'm offended and so should you. Heh.

It pretty much started with reading Fiesty Foodie's post about Banh Mi (Vietnamese subs) a couple of nights ago.
Since we have quite a number of relatives here in Toronto, we used to visit almost every other month when we were all younger (over 5 years ago). We'd always make trips down here during the summer and we'd always stock up on groceries (crabs, mangos, lychee and/or logan fruit, etc.). One thing my mom would always buy was banh mi. She would buy over 20 sandwiches, since they were selling them for something like 10 subs for only $5. She actually bought over 50 once! Luckily, she was buying some for my other relatives back in Ottawa. Since we'd have so many subs leftover after the road trip, we'd throw them in the freezer and have a supply of banh mi until school started up again. You can imagine how many times we ate them during the summer. Too many! It's scarred me, but not for life.

The last time I had banh mi was probably sometime in September, when my aunt randomly bought some from a Chinese supermarket. Before that, I think it was over 3 years ago. Yeah, I told you I was scarred. And what's worse, our family used to always joke around that anytime we'd go to Toronto, all we'd eat are the subs. *Shudder* I never thought it was funny. It was a cruel, cruel joke. Anytime we'd come to Toronto I'd always want a taste of my noodles, either at the Gourmet House of blah, blah, blah or in the First Markham Place food court - not banh mi. *Shudder* I digress.

So I read the article and couldn't help but stare at the pictures of the subs. For some reason, my stomach dropped and my saliva started flooding. Too much information? Meh.
After class on Wednesday, my friend and I quickly went to Chinatown, picked up some banh mi and some ham, cheese and mayo buns, then had my noodles and the sizzling plate (more on this in the next post) for dinner, then quickly went back home.

I had one of the subs last night after my electronic commercial catalogue shoot. It was very good. The mystery meat, pate (aka more mystery meat), butter, slaw and cilantro brought back memories. Great memories of my carefree summers. I'm so glad those were the memories that popped up, as opposed to the other memories of eating banh mi almost every other day... *Shudder* Okay, no more. You get the point.

I definitely enjoyed my sub last night and will enjoy my sub later today. The next-next banh mi I'll be eating will be in a couple of months - if I crave it again. Who knows, the next-next-next one I eat might be in another year. Heh.


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