Thursday, March 26, 2009

Glutinous Rice Ball Dessert – February 6, 2009

Since we were too full after eating Chinese New Year dinner, we decided to postpone making this dessert. Unfortunately, my cousin couldn’t come over that night, so Jimmy ate her share.

Jimmy and I call them mochi balls, though we both know that they really aren’t. Mochi is made by pounding glutinous rice over and over again. This dessert, tangyuan, simply uses glutinous rice flour and water to create the little dumplings.

Basically, you mix enough water into the flour for it to stick together and roll into a ball. Then you break off little bits, a little larger than the size of your thumb nail, and roll them into balls. Plop these little buggers into a pot of boiling water, and scoop them out when they’ve floated to the surface.

The liquid the balls are sitting in is made of simple syrup—one part water and one part sugar. In my family, we like to add some slices of ginger while the syrup is simmering.

You can eat it cold or hot. Both ways are delicious!


  1. Mmmm... I miss this. You can't forget about the ginger!! Don't forget about the gingerrrrrrrrrr

  2. Yeah, Jimmy doesn't like ginger, so I leave it out. I'm going to start reintroducing foods he doesn't like over the next few months. When he's hungry, he'll eat anything!


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