Friday, March 27, 2009

Korean for Breakfast... Burrr-ning! – February 8, 2009

Jimmy and I have been eating at a little place called Mr. Dumpling every two weeks since the new year. I’m not sure what it is, but although I first sampled Korean food in my second year of university aaaaaaaaaaaages ago, something about the food tastes like home. With burning added.

Anyway, I forgot to take pictures while we were eating, so these are pictures of the leftovers. It’s suggested that you NOT eat super spicy dduk for breakfast. I almost died while I was eating it and again about 15 minutes afterwards.

This stuff looks mean.

It’s wonderful stuff, though. Basically, it consists of onions, green onions, sliced fish cake, and dduk (rice noodle logs) simmered in angry red pepper sauce (gochujang). Wow, it’s like the awesome-est thing I’ve ever eaten! I guess I say that a lot, but really, this stuff is addictive!

It’s spicy and chewy and salty and soft and it makes my mouth burn for at least an hour afterwards. I’m a pretty big coward when it comes to spicy foods, and I craaaaaaaave this dish.

So I ate it up for breakfast and paid dearly for it with major heartburn and indigestion. But man, it was so worth it.

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Mr. Dumpling *Cash only!*
424 Princess Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 531-9264


  1. "Angry red pepper sauce" Hahaaa! That reminds me of when we first started to watch the American Iron Chef, with Batali and his "angry red sauce" on lobster.
    The thing I don't get is why you would eat it for breakfast. You're asking for death. Death!

  2. Ugh, that "angry red sauce" of Batali's looked pathetic. It doesn't compare to the heat of Korean peppers.

    As for why I ate it for breakfast, I don't know. It looked good, and it tasted good the night before. I figured I would be okay if I had lots of water and milk. Boy, was I ever wrong.


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