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Months-late Christmas Post - December 25, 2008

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about Christmas. Now that it’s been two months, I’ve lost a bunch of details. Here’s a super quick rundown of the dinner.

This year, we only had a medium-sized turkey and a large ham. No roast beef, sadly. This is a shot of the meat platter for the kids’ table. (Side note: I got bumped back to the kids table this year because we had some relatives come in from Toronto. Lame.)

After discovering the convenience and general awesomeness of frozen baguettes, we have had them at every family meal that required bread. These are the first of a dozen baguettes we baked.

I didn’t make the mashed potatoes this year, but they tasted awesome. Creamy but light, it’s hard to go wrong with loads of butter.

My mum’s famous stuffing X2. Our younger brother, Richard, made it with mum's guidance. There was cubed bread, celery, mushrooms, poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, cheese, and some boiling water.

Normally, we make the gravy ahead of time and add the delicious meat juices just before serving. We did the same this year. This was the gravy with mushrooms and slivered onions, but minus the turkey juice.

We had two salads—a Caesar salad and the family-favourite heart of palm salad.

While us kids *pout* ate in the kitchen, the adults *rolls eyes* ate in the dining room.

We had mini cheesecake squares for dessert. There was maple pecan for sure, but I can't remember the other flavours. I believe they were from Costco. No pictures of these, sorry.

This Christmas was a lot less hectic than previous years. Most of the time was spent playing on the Wii (Raving Rabbids) and watching movies (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, creepy Johnny Depp remake). I was only home for three days (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day), so the holidays went by quickly for me. I think I’ll have to book some more time off for next year. Christmas should never be rushed.


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