Saturday, March 21, 2009

Craving Pizza!

I'm so glad the week is over. I didn't have the greatest week so I'm looking forward to taking it easy this weekend. Earlier this week, I've been craving pizza that's been cooked in a wood burning oven. I blame Serious Eats - Slice to be more specific! To tell you the truth, as of this moment, I have never had pizza cooked in that way. I've always wanted to, but to my knowledge, there was never a pizzeria in Ottawa that did that. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

(Edit: Apparently, there's been a place serving Neapolitan-style pizzas in Ottawa for about 5 years now. It's called Forno Antico. Read up on what the guys at Pizza Ottawa think here. Thanks for the info Jim, at Pizza Ottawa)

I've done a bit of researching, online of course, and came up with a handful of places (here in Toronto) that I want to visit. Libretto, Terroni and Trio (in Toronto) are three establishments that were mentioned multiple times as the best places serving these works of art (I'm referring to pizza pies, if you skimmed through this post). My goal is to go to one of these places within the next few months and see if I can handle the "real" pizza pies, as opposed to the thicker Ottawa-style pizzas that are loaded with toppings and cheese - Lorenzo's and Gabriel Pizza (both found in Ottawa). The thin crust pizzas, cooked in less than 3 minutes in a wood-burning oven, with a couple of burnt spots on the crust, of places like Libretto look so different from what I've been raised up on. [Update: I've experienced the beautiful pizzas at Libretto!]

The pizzas I'm used to have thicker crusts and bottoms. They have a thicker sauce with yummy herbs, and there's usually a thick layer of cheese - only good when it's really hot (so it's gooey). Here's the original picture of a pizza I shared with a couple of friends when we went to Gabriel's Pizza before a hockey game (with the added water mark). One of the better pizza places in Ottawa, cause it tasted a lot like Lorenzo's. Hahaa! This is a typical pizza from Ottawa.

This is the picture after a bit of tweaking in photoshop. This looks so much better on my laptop. Damn jpegs and their lossiness (as my Theory teacher would say). No yellow colour cast to it... this is the pizza's "true tone" as another of my teachers would say. Heh. =P 

Looking back at most of the pictures we've posted on the blog has bothered me. There's always something wrong with it. Too dark, too bright, blurry, colour cast, etc. Bah!

It's too bad the Joe's Pizza by the Coliseum (on Carling) changed their pizza dough. The last time I ordered delivery, I swear, the dough they use tasted and looked like the pizza shells you get at the grocery stores. The pizza was perfectly round and didn't look like their typical homemade pizza dough. I called them to let them know that I was disappointed and that the look and taste of the dough was uncannily like the pizza shells you can buy. They claimed that they still make their dough. And you know what? I remember ordering delivery from the Lorenzo's pizza (beside Joe's), and I swear Lorenzo had used the same flat dough. Not very happy.

Hmm.. I wonder if I can buy a jar of Joe's Pizza pizza sauce, cause their sauce is amazing... one reason is because we used to order pizza from there all the time when we were younger and because the elementary school used to get their pizza from there (on pizza days). Mmmkay, enough with that little blurb.

If you have any other places that serve awesome pizzas, please let me know. But I warn you that I won't take suggestions like Pizza Pizza (gross!), Pizza Hut (grease-tastic!) and other larger pizza chains, very seriously.

I'll leave you with a shot I did for my commercial catalogue class. The theme was technology. A lot of people shot their iPods.. kinda boring, but whatever.. (I don't own one, so maybe that's why I'm not into iPods)... The idea behind my shot is that it's a red carpet movie night. You've invited friends over, you have drinks in the fridge, prepared some snacks (maybe even ordered pizza) and, of course, you have a couple of bags of popcorn ready. Whatcha think?

~ Christine


  1. Great shot! I'd buy that converter ;)

    Have you been to the Magic Oven in TO? They're cool. Hippie stuff! The chicken's free range and they do wheat-free crust with pesto instead of tomatoes when I ask, so I'm totally biased. It's pricy, but yummy!

  2. They can use spelt if you ask. They don't use organic stuff, but they do use locally grown produce! =] I'm planning to go to Libretto this Friday with a couple of friends. We'll see though.


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