Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homemade Ribs

After lunch last Sunday, Mom and I marinated some fresh pork ribs. We rarely make ribs, but when we do, its usually marinated Chinese-style. I wanted to try a North American version.

I’m pretty sure the marinade contains salt, sugar, and an acid. It’s pretty general, right? I made a paste of garlic and brown sugar in our mortar and pestle.

I tried to do the same with some onions, but it didn’t turn into a paste… ah well. I sprinkled some sea salt and dry mustard. Mom then added some of her simple syrup. That’s it. Everything was mixed together in the container and then thrown into the fridge.

The ribs were made two days later. I put it in the oven at 250 degrees for about two hours. I wanted to bake it for at least two more hours, but people were hungry so we didn’t have time. The ribs were then barbequed on the grill. Dad and/or Mom whipped up a homemade BBQ sauce and mopped it on the ribs a few minutes before they were ready.

The ribs weren’t that great. They would’ve been much, much better if the ribs had been able to bake for at least 3 hours. The family didn’t agree with my opinion. All the ribs on the table were devoured in no time at all.

We had a simple side salad of spinach and carrots.

My grandpa had brought over two fishes (that he got from a fisherman on Bate Island). These were lightly dusted with cornstarch and then pan-fried. It was served with a small dipping dish filled with fish sauce.

Our starch came from rice. Man, we’re so Chinese! We also had a side of a slaw that Mom made earlier.

Speaking of ribs, Ottawa’s chicken and ribfest begins tomorrow (June 22nd) and will run until June 26th.  While we all wait for it to begin, you can read all about what we enjoyed during last year’s ribfest here.

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