Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring Roll Bún

I love my mom’s spring rolls. The filling for the spring rolls that she makes is totally different from all the spring rolls I’ve had at other restaurants.

Earlier last Sunday, I had the chance to learn from the master herself. And unlike her usual “cooking lessons,” she actually didn’t step in and take over. I guess that means that I didn’t totally mess up.

The first step was to shred and cut the ingredients. This was half a cabbage, two medium sized carrots, and half of a red onion.

Mom helped mince some frozen cloves of garlic while I shredded the cabbage and carrots.

Once everything was ready, I was told to stir fry everything together with a bit of oil, salt, sugar, black pepper, sesame oil, and a tad bit of oyster sauce. That’s it.

You’ve noticed that the filling didn’t have any meat. With Mom’s filling, I think it’s fine without the meat, though it does taste a bit better with pork. Lucy helped me wrap the spring rolls, while Mom gave us a refresher course on how to properly wrap them. We froze a tray full of spring rolls for future enjoyment.

Mom deep fried most of the spring rolls and even made a few shrimp rolls to fry! She briefly marinated the shrimp in sesame oil and salt before wrapping them. You can see some of the veggies and herbs in the background.

Earlier in the morning, Mom prepared the noodles. These are my favourite when eating this dish! I don’t like the super thin noodles that you’re served at Vietnamese restaurants. After the noodles were boiled, Mom squeezed the water out of the noodles and put them into the strainer. Maybe that’s why restaurants don’t use these noodles.

When you squeeze the noodles into portions, it makes portion control much easier.

Sunday lunch was delicious! I can't wait until we have this again!


  1. Looks uber good. I would like to try an all vegetable spring roll one day. I'm sure it taste a lot lighter and you can devour more without the heavy consistency of meat.

  2. It tasted just as good as it looks! A bit of ground pork would've add some umami that was missing, but it was fine without it.


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