Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long Weekend @ Toronto: Chiuchow Man Chinese Restaurant

The plan was to go back to Ottawa in the afternoon, but we ended up staying for another night.

We spent an unexpected dinner in Missisauga somewhere called the Golden Square Center. We found a place called the Chiuchow Man Chinese Restaurant (most of the website is in Chinese) and tried it out. The small restaurant was packed when we got in. We were lucky and got there just as a small table paid their bill and left.

Unsure of what to order, we decided to be safe and order a noodle dish and something else. The lobster with chow mein caught my uncle’s attention. I’m pretty sure this dish is from Hong Kong… Anyway, my uncle requested extra lobster sauce for the chow mein. It didn’t look like that added that much more sauce. We could smell the smokiness from the dish when it arrived. My stomach rumbled. I tried a small bowl of chow mein and had a small piece of lobster. The gooey sauce was bland. It needed more oyster sauce/salt and ginger. The lobster itself was sweet though.

My uncle ended up ordering a plate of rice noodles with vegetables, since the lobster dish would barely have any vegetables. The disappointingly small plate of rice noodles had lots of bean sprouts, but barely any carrots, celery, and green onions. I knew it was a Chiu Chow rice noodle dish because there was egg in it. My dad said that Chiu Chow people love eggs in rice noodles. *Shrug* Just like the lobster sauce in the chow mein, the rice noodles were quite flavourless. We needed a few shots of soy sauce to brighten things up.

The only thing that was great about the rice noodles was the smokiness of the dish. Love. Love. Love.

It’s weird to say it, but I’d come back even though our dinner was lackluster. I noticed that the restaurant was packed with Chinese people. The restaurant did quite a lot of takeout orders as well, so they must be doing something right.



Chiuchow Man Chinese Restaurant
1177 Central Parkway W
Mississauga, ON
Chiuchow Man Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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