Saturday, June 11, 2011

Long Weekend @ Toronto: Northern Dumpling Kitchen

I spent the last long weekend in Toronto. My uncle and I drove to Toronto to visit family and to pick up my grandma (who had spent the week there). We were supposed to meet up for dim sum somewhere, but we didn’t get into Toronto until the afternoon. No biggie. We went to one of my favourite restaurant instead.

Here are the soup dumplings at the Northern Dumpling Kitchen. I didn’t have enough self-control snap a few pictures before gorging myself. As always, the xiao long bao (XLB) were filled with soup. It was his first time eating XLB. My uncle wasn’t very impressed with them. He just said that dumplings were dumplings… ugh…

He said the same thing about the pan-fried chicken dumplings. That’s fine. I happily ate part of his share.

Yup, I ate these three as well.

Before Liz introduced me to the restaurant, I had never eaten dumplings with vinegar before. I’m forever grateful! It’s hard to eat dumplings without vinegar now.


My uncle wanted to try the beef wrap. It was generous portion to say the least. There were slices of beef, green onions, and a bit of hoisin-like sauce on the pancakes. Delish! The pancakes themselves were okay. They were greasy (just look at the pancake glisten in the second picture), but weren’t too thick. My uncle loved this! He said that usually restaurants are stingy with the beef (not the case here) or the pancakes are usually super thick and heavy.

Later that evening, we made our way to the tourist-packed Pacific Mall to join my cousins, aunt, and grandma. After a few impulse buys, we all headed back to their place for dinner. It was a typical Cambodian dinner (sour fish soup, pan-fried fish, and chicken).

For dessert, we had some dragon fruit.


My cousin cut the dragon fruit for everyone. Dragon fruit reminds me a weaker version of a kiwi. They’re not as sweet or as acidic. It was a great way to end the first day of the long weekend.



Northern Dumpling Kitchen
550 Highway 7 E
Richmond Hill, ON
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