Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Weekend @ Toronto: Noodle Roll Salad

On the last day of our Toronto visit, my cousin prepared a kind of noodle roll salad. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it was pretty simple to make – it was pretty healthy, too!

You can find these noodle rolls in the refrigerated noodle and tofu section of your local Chinese grocery store. There are plain rice noodle rolls, but my cousin likes the ones with the dried shrimp more. She quickly stir fried the rice noodle rolls and tossed in a few eggs. I don’t think that’s the “proper” way to make it, cause my uncle teased her when he saw the plate.

She also picked up some Vietnamese sausage (the white ones) and the sweet ones (the red ones).

I helped slice them both. Can you tell? I didn’t think I butchered them that bad!

I didn’t know how to eat this, so I guessed and tossed in lettuce, both Vietnamese sausages, a few noodle rolls, and topped it off with some nuoc cham (a fish sauce condiment). It tasted fine, but it was lacking some herbs (like mint or Thai basil).

There was also some lobster chow mein that my uncle had bought the night before.

Brunch was surprisingly filling. I didn't even touch the lobster chow mein!

My uncle, grandma, and I left their house prior to noon and did some last minute groceries before driving back to Ottawa. And just like that, another long weekend flies by.


  1. Looks yum! I'm Vietnamese myself and we don't usually eat it with lettuce, but you were right about the herbs! And nuoc mam can really bring all the different flavors together.

  2. Hi Elle, how do you usually eat the noodle rolls? I remember my other cousins ate it with some kind of soy sauce during another road trip.


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