Monday, October 01, 2007

Best Breakfast Ever! a.k.a. Nutella Toast - October 1, 2007

Who doesn’t love chocolate in the morning? Even as a kid, I always felt that Nutella was just an excuse to eat chocolate on toast. Since Ferrero Rocher was one of my favourite chocolates, it was natural that I would love the hazelnutty goodness of Nutella. (FACT: they're both part of the same company!)

I’ve been eating this for breakfast lately, which is pretty bad. I normally have a bowl or two of cereal, but we bought some Nutella a few weeks ago. It just looks so lonely sitting on the table each morning, that I become determined to find some friends for it. Namely, toast and milk.

When you begin to spread the Nutella on warm toast, it melts and becomes glossy and shiny. Soooo hard to resist its charms!! Then the milk helps wash it down. You MUST chase it with milk. It’s simply too creamy to eat it as is.

Oh, and according to the commercials, Nutella is part of a balanced breakfast for all kids! It’ll help them swim better AND play the piano. Yeah. Okay. Sure. Whatever you say, Wonka.

I’ve actually been DYING to try some exotic-sounding nut butters, like almond butter or sunflower seed butter. I’ll get around to that eventually. For now, I’ll settle for a jar of spreadable chocolate.


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