Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dim Sum - October 6th

For lunch, we decided to grab some dim sum. Yangtze wasn't that busy when we got there, then again we got there around 2pm. First up, we had some pork and shrimp filled rice rolls. Eating the rice rolls is so much fun. They're so soft that you can just slurp it all down. I've been guilty of doing that once too many times, but the down side to that is that you don't taste the pork filling. Sure, it's fun to slurp them down, but I get them because the dish, as a whole, tastes good. After learning my lesson, I chewed my rice rolls. I chew them good.

Soon after we got them, the "ha gao, siu mai" cart came around. Shrimp and pork siu mai soaked in a mixture of Yangtze's soy sauce and sriracha sauce. Man, do I need to get me some of their soy sauce. Then all the dim sums I eat everywhere else will taste a lot better. The shrimp ones were real, uh, shrimpy (yes, shrimpy). Gotta love it! The pork ones were not shrimpy, but porky. Porky with little explosions of green onions. I didn't eat any ha gao, but I'm sure they were tasty.

We got some deep fried shrimp balls too. I don't know what they used for the outside, but they used too much of it. The outside of the shrimp balls were a bit too powdery - they aren't supposed to though. Despite the slightly powered, but crunchy, outside layer, the insides made me so happy! The insides were juicy and shrimpy. It's sad that some people can't eat shrimp. They're missing so much!
The steamed chicken feet cart came around and we got some. They were flavoured well and were pretty soft. Sometimes I eat the tendons, but most of the time I just eat the skin and the meat I can find.

Oh, here's a joke: Why did the chicken cross the road? So he could keep his feet! Muhahaa! Well, the second part of the joke is told by Lucy. As a teaser, I'll tell you all that the chicken got its revenge. Oh, sweet revenge....
We also took some goodies home for Henry and Andrew. Here's a look the cute packaging. Mmm yummy!

Lucy's Comment:
This part is going to sound really gross to those who don’t enjoy eating chicken feet, so heed my warning: TURN BACK NOW! 

In any case, when I eat chicken feet, I usually bite off the toes first. This time, for some reason, I only bit them off to the first knuckle. Big mistake. As I was eating, I thought it was strange that I left the last part of the toes attached to the rest of the foot, but I dismissed it. I went to bite the spongy part of the foot (I guess that would be the ball of its foot or something) and suddenly felt something massaging my gums. It was the toes!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!! When I bit the spongy part, the toes hit my teeth and slid into my gums!! It felt like a dentist was in my mouth!!!! Very much disgusted, it took me a long time to finish the rest of the chicken foot. I had to will myself to eat it all.

Chicken feet used to be one of my dim sum favourites, but from now on, I think I’ll pass on them FOREVER. 

(Update: After two years, Lucy finally gave chicken feet another chance.)


Yangtze Dining Lounge
700 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, ON
(613) 236-0555

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