Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hockey Night - October 6th

Since a lot of friends were back in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, we decided to get together and watch the Sens kick some Rangers' ass. We all gathered at Local Heroes in time for the opening face off and ordered some food. I had pizza the last time I went there. The bottom of the pizza was slightly burnt and overall stingy. The pizza sauce was below average, there wasn't enough sauce, and there wasn't enough dough. This was more like a Pizza Pizza pizza. Hoping that that was a one time thing, VN and I decided to split a medium combo pizza. Once the pizza came I checked the bottom. Sadly, the pizza was slightly burnt again - but not as bad the last time. Come on people, it's not that hard to bake a pizza. In saying that though, we were at a sports bar so the food wouldn't be great.

As we mindlessly ate the pizza, Brendan's order 'The Original Sampler' came. I think he changed something, but I can't remember what it was. It was a typical sports bar platter, loaded with some chicken wings, chicken fingers, fries, etc.

Pat ordered the 'Spinach and Artichoke Dip'. "It was good in comparison to the other food at Local's, but nowhere near as good as the artichoke dip at Milestones!" he told me, when I asked how he liked it. (Pat doesn't work for Milestones... or does he?)

Jeff ordered the 'Garlic Cheese Bread', or as Brian called it, the"garlic cheese dead", while trying to decide if he wanted more food. Brian has obviously not seen the kind of pizza that we usually order at home. This was nothing compared to the artery-clogging, beautifully tasty slices of Lorenzo pizza.

In the end, I think we all had a good time. The Sens ended up winning 2-0 over the NY Rangers too. Oh, and for those who care, Pat doesn't work at Milestones. He just knows how to eat.



Local Heroes
15 Robertson Rd.
Ottawa, ON
(613) 721-7700

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