Monday, October 01, 2007

Moon Festival Feast - September 25th

According to Wikipedia, its called the Mid-Autumn Festival. Same thing. As usual, our whole family gets together for a big lunch and dinner. It's a custom to pray to our ancestors and offer them food and drinks. So once everything was cooked and on the table everyone prayed with lit incense sticks. Then we went outside and burnt joss paper.
My uncle chopping up some BBQ pork. The end piece is MINE!

On one side of the table, there was chow mein, and plates with BBQ duck, BBQ pork, roast pig, soy sauce chicken, shiitake mushrooms with bamboo shoots.
In the middle of the table, there was nappa cabbage soup in a hot pot. On the other side of the table, there were plates of stir fried snow peas with carrots and a plate of meats. I looooove chow mein with BBQ pork drizzled with the BBQ duck sauce.
Well, actually, we had 2 plates of everything. I lied. So sorry.
I could never get enough of it as a kid. What am I talking about, I still can't get enough of it. After filling up, everyone sat around chatting while sipping on tea and nibbling on moon cake. I don't really like moon cake. It's too pasty for me.

Oh, we also watched the Sens play the Flyers on TV. Although it was only preseason, it was still exciting to see the Sens play again. I know its a food blog, but I have to tell everyone that I'm a huge hockey fan. I love playing hockey and I love watching it. I fall under the Canadian stereotype that all Canadians love hockey. I cheer for the Ottawa Senators, but I'm a hockey fan first. That means that I call it as it is, even if it's a nice goal against the Sens or a dirty hit dished out by a Sens player. I've followed them pretty closely for the past couple of years and have grown more attached. I'm so excited to see the first couple of games. Woot! Leafs suck!

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