Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nice Meeting You Dim Sum- October 14th

For some yum cha (aka dim sum), we went to the Nice Meeting You Restaurant. We were a table of 10 hungry people. Even though it was only 10:30 in the morning, a lot of us haven't eatten anything yet. My aunt took the dim sum menu and ordered (because it was still early), and the food came quickly.

It seemed as though we had ordered the whole kitchen, as we received dish after dish. I'm not sure what these are called, but a lot of people like this. All I know is that it's deep fried taro with stuff inside. I don't like taro so I didn't touch it.

Behind the taro was something else that was deep fried with meat and things stuffed inside. I tried this. It was sweet and sticky after you got past the deep fried layer, while salty and meaty on the inside. It was pretty good, even though I tasted dried shrimp. The contrast of sweet and salty, crunchy and soft, and sticky and chewy was really appealing, but I could've done without the dried shrimp. Here's a shot of a bitten one.

Deep fried shrimp balls came next. These actually had crab claws! It's been a long time since I've seen them with crab claws. Oh, the memories. These "stuffed" crab claws were huge. Unfortunately, they tasted too seafood-y. Not just that, but I could tell the crab meat wasn't fresh either.

The shrimp balls didn't have the natural sweetness of the shrimp meat and crab meat. I prefer the ones in Ottawa, even though they don't usually have the crab claws. The lady butchered them, as she took scissors and cut them into pieces. Actually, because these were so big, it worked out.

We had other things like tripe, shrimp wontons, shrimp spring rolls. I think we also got rice cakes, but I'm not entirely sure what top two dishes were.

Of course, when you go eat dim sum you have to get siu mai and ha gao. We also got three kinds stuffed rice rolls (cheun fan): shrimp, pork and Chinese donuts (youtiao). I've never tried the chinese donut onces, because I've always thought that it would taste really plain. Oh, where were you all my life? These were amazing! I love Chinese donuts already, but when you wrap them in the noodle and pour some of that sweet soy sauce, it's a whole different thing. I'm definitely going to order this in the future.

You might wonder why I tried it. Well, the pork ones had a lot of water chestnuts, which I hate. I got tired of picking them all out, so I decided to try the Chinese donut ones. They were lying on the table all alone. I decided to introduce them to my stomach, and the rest is history.

Let's see what else we ordered. Here are some steamed beef balls with water chestnuts. Ewww... water chestnuts. Take a close look, and you'll be able to spot them. There's one of the rice cake things I was talking about. I'm sure there's no rice in it, but it's okay. I'll find out what they are, and tell you guys. In the back, there's some chicken feet. Yummy. To the left, you can see a pile of dishes that we've polished off.

Lucy's Note: Those rice cake things are actually steamed turnip cakes. They don't contain any turnips, but daikon radish.

I'm sure I've missed a couple of other dishes, but you get the point - we had a lot of food. The bill came to $80-ish for 10 people. Pretty good considering the fact that we were all full.



Nice Meeting You Restaurant
1177 Central Pkwy West
Mississauga, ON
(905) 896-8862
(in the link, the phone number given is: (905) 896- 2747)

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  1. I don't think they exist anymore.


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