Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner - October 7th

Our family puts a lot of time and effort into Thanksgiving. Here’s a shot of the mushrooms we chopped for various dishes. I think they went into the gravy and stuffing. Yummy.

Each year, my uncle makes a simple salad consisting of bell peppers, corn, and hearts of palm. This time around, he added sliced carrots. I’m not sure if I like it with the carrots, but the salad was superb as always.

Besides turkey, we also had a large roast ham. With a family as large as ours, we often have to include roast beef as well. Not this year, though.

We also had some Caesar salad, garlic bread, and mashed potatoes. Pretty standard fare for Thanksgiving.

One of my aunts made a coconut gelatine dessert. She poured different coloured mixes into the moulds and let them set for a few hours.

I think the rose was the prettiest. Normally we make some sort of autumn-inspired pies, like apple or pumpkin, for dessert, but this was a nice change.

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