Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Chicken a la king with biscuits- May 17th

Sifting through our pile of unblogged pictures, I came across one that had contained pictures of tasty biscuits that we made.

The lunch menu for that Sunday: Chicken a la king with homemade butter biscuits.

Starting with the butter biscuits...
We cut the cold butter (it has to be cold) into some flour. Then we beat the eggs into some milk and mixed with the flour and butter. We had to press the biscuit dough together quickly to prevent the butter chunks from melting. Once the dough rested for 45 minutes, it was gently rolled out to an inch or two thickness and then cut into circles.

Since we threw them in the oven right after we rolled them out, the butter wasn't as cold as it should have been. That meant that a lot of the butter melted onto the pan which made the biscuits lean a bit. The next time we make these biscuits, we'll make sure we let the butter in the dough chill in the fridge before we bake it.

Once out of the oven, the biscuits were gobbled up (no matter what they looked like) with some chicken a la king that Lucy and my mom made. (Click here for the chicken a la king recipe) What a heavy, heavy lunch! Yum!


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