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Yesterday’s Food Should Be Left Behind – May 20, 2009

This happened so long ago that all I remember was hating the food. We went to Yesterday’s for a quick dinner before catching “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” at the theatre.

Yeah, that was a long time ago.

Anyway, most of the places I like in the downtown core are only open for lunch, so we settled on Yesterday’s.

IMG_2247 copy

Christine ordered the fettucine alfredo. The pasta was over done and the sauce covering it all was a plain cream sauce. But if the sauce isn't already good for the body, shouldn't that fact be hidden with flavour to make it edible? Christine only managed a quarter of the plate. Andrew finished the rest.

I should have left the restaurant when the waitress “corrected” my pronunciation of “gnocchi.” “So you’ll have the ga-nokki,’” she said. Wow, what a pet peeve. “Yes, I’ll have the ‘neyokki,’” I confirmed.

IMG_2249 copy

While it sounded good on paper, the gnocchi was truly awful. There was this foul stench that preceded the gnocchi that reminded me of a rotting deluxe pizza. The gnocchi themselves were gummy and starchy. The only other time I have ordered gnocchi was at a reputable restaurant, and those were made fresh. These were obviously frozen or dried and then boiled to an inedible mess. Starving to death, I ate only the gnocchi because they actually tasted better than the peppers and bacon.

Both of our pasta dishes came with garlic toast that was burnt black. Also inedible.

IMG_2253 copy

This is what it looked like at the end. Not a pretty sight, is it?

IMG_2251 copy

My brother made the best choice out of all three of us by ordering a bacon Swiss burger. He said it wasn’t bad, but he’s not one with discerning tastes.

I don’t quite remember how much the dinner cost, but it was certainly far more expensive than I would have paid for the meal. On hindsight, I should have sent the food back, but we only had 45 minutes to eat before the movie started.

There is no way I could recommend this place to others with a clear conscience. Its food and décor is so outdated and washed out. It was truly terrible, and I am never going back.

~ * ~

152 Sparks Street
(Between Metcalfe and O’Connor)
Ottawa, ON
(613) 235-1424

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