Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boston Pizza, Bangkok Thai Garden - Feb. 16th, 2008

While cleaning out my external hard drive, something made me look through my 2008 folder of food pictures. One folder contained the elusive Boston Pizza dinner where VN and I had the zesty baked ravioli. No wonder I couldn't find these anywhere in the 2009 food picture folder. I had thought I was going crazy!

Before VN and I got together with a few other friends at Boston Pizza, I spent the afternoon checking out the Winterlude ice sculptures with some other friends.



Someone was craving Thai so we met up for lunch at the Bangkok Thai Garden. We started off with a plate of spring rolls.




We decided on ordering three dishes and then sharing everything. Vegetable stir-fry, pad thai and a bowl of noodle soup with chicken arrived at our table.

The only thing I remember was that the food was sub-par.


That evening, I met up with a couple of friends at a Boston Pizza to watch a Sens game (on the TVs). While waiting for some people to arrive, VN and I each ordered lime slushies. As we looked through the menu, VN mentioned that the baked raviolis were really good.



We killed it in a blink of an eye. I really liked how zesty the sauce was. The more we ate the raviolis with the sauce, the spicier it got. We both enjoyed the well-baked parts of the pasta. It gave the dish more texture.



A few pizzas and pitchers were ordered once everyone arrived. Not bad.

Unfortunately, Boston Pizza stopped serving the baked ravioli appetizers. Instead, they only serve the raviolis as a main pasta dish. Since then, VN and I have come close to recreating the baked ravioli using store bought stuff.

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