Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pork Schnitzel Dinner II


Richard was craving schnitzel for a few days and luckily for him, pork tenderloin went on sale at Food Basics.


Since frying the pork wouldn’t take long, Andrew and I began making the side dishes of stuffing and glazed carrots. I washed out a bag of baby carrots and browned them in a pan with butter, sea salt, sugar, and balsamic vinegar. The carrots were cooked perfectly, but the seasoning was a bit lacking. It would’ve been much better if the flavours were bolder. A bit more sugar and balsamic vinegar would've done the job.

Andrew sautéed some onions and zucchini together in a pan. The mix was seasoned with salt, sugar, poultry seasoning, and pepper. Boxed chicken broth was added to the pan before the contents were mixed with the cubed bread. Cubes of mozzarella cheese were mixed into the stuffing and then baked until the top turned a dark gold colour.

Two side dishes, done.

Based on our last experience with making pork schnitzel, we learned that the schnitzels turn out better when they’re deep fried instead of shallow fried. Secondly, instead of only seasoning the flour and egg wash, the thinly pounded pieces of pork were seasoned with a sprinkle of salt.


The seasoned pork was dusted with some flour, then dunked into an egg wash, and finally into the breading, before taking a dip into the bubbling hot oil. They turned out beautifully golden brown.


This was my plate before I forgot the buttered corn, which was made just before we ate. A spoonful (or two) of apricot jam was served beside the schnitzel. It’s a European thing.



We washed the dinner down with some dark Erdinger beer. It looked like root beer when they were poured into glasses, but it sure didn’t taste like it. The beer was fizzy like the a carbonated drink, but it tasted like a deep flavoured beer unlike the watery beer in China. Since I'm not a beer drinker, I asked Richard to which he replied: "it's full-bodied and creamy, like a stout, but not as heavy."

Our carb-loving family focused on the veggies and schnitzel that night which just showed how good everything else tasted. What should our next theme night be?

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