Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sandwiches, Sliders, Fajitas and Subs


Sometime last week, I went to T&T and stocked up on some groceries. While walking up and down the aisles, I had one dish in mind. I wanted to recreate the ham and cheese french toast sandwich, which I had in Taiwan.


The main ingredient that I needed was the sweet milk bread. The loaves were all sliced a bit too thick to my liking. Oh well. While we didn't have any processed sliced cheese. I just used what we had in the fridge.


Richard gave the bread a taste test with a smear of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.



I didn’t feel like dipping the sandwich in some egg, but damn, it was lookin’ good! The pan was too hot so the cheese didn’t really soften much.

Each bite invited waves of flavour. First it was salty from the margarine then ham and cheese. The sweetness of the soft bread showed up before yielding to the tangy mayo. The ham and cheese once again rounded out the flavour.


To add another Taiwanese flare, the sandwich was chased down with sips of Mr. Brown’s instant coffee.


Not bad. Not bad at all.


Later that afternoon, Andrew made a few dinner roll sliders for his after school snack. Using the base of black forest ham and spring salad mix, he made a few different combinations:
  • Smoked salmon cream cheese + cheddar
  • Caesar dressing + cow cheese (wedges)
  • Caesar dressing + parmesan cheese
  • Salsa + cow cheese
The sliders, which had salsa, were his favourite, “because salsa is salsa. It would’ve been better if there was less cow cheese.”


Andrew enjoyed the smoked salmon cream cheese ones the least.

He’s still learning his way around the kitchen, but he always seems to surprise me with the stuff he comes up with. Andrew made a mac and cheese with roasted lemon juice and red onions. I was hesitant as well, but it was freaking amazing! It was the best dish he has made – hands down!

Sandwiches are always fun to make, especially when your kitchen is stocked up.

Exhibit A:

Sometime last year, we had some veggies that were close to expiring and so we made fajitas. We took out some chicken and beef from the freezer, defrosted them, marinated them, and then cooked them on the barbeque.



Lucy and I felt like experimenting with the rice and tried to infuse some flavour with cumin, broth, and tomato sauce. The rice turned out soggy and bland. Fail.



Everyone had their own plate and put their own fajitas together.



Surprisingly, there were still leftover beef, chicken and some of the condiments the next day. But what happens when you run out of tortillas? Make subs of course! I'm not sure what kind of bread this was, but it was probably the frozen stuff we bought at Costco. Anyway, the bread was toasted and then filled with pâté, chicken, beef, cheese, red onions, dijon mustard, cheese, cilantro, red peppers, and a squeeze of lime juice. Cold cuts were added when the chicken and beef from the fajitas ran low.



These subs were more than filling. What an easy lunch in the sweltering summer weather.

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