Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Saigon’s Little Lunch – April 2, 2009

From mid-March to the end of April, Jimmy and I were crazy busy. We ended up eating take out more than we normally do. The next couple of posts won’t be particularly exciting because we started getting into a rut. Also, these posts will be shorter because frankly, I’ve already forgotten the details.

Jimmy brought home some Little Saigon for lunch one day. This is what we normally order.


Pork spring rolls with fish sauce. These are wrapped in rice paper and fried to a crisp.


Tom yum goong for Jimmy. He likes Little Saigon’s version because they don’t add coconut milk. I think he only really likes it for the bundles of enokitake in the soup. This is served with a small bowl of steamed rice.


When I don’t feel like eating anything in particular, I get the pad thai with no shrimp. I just don’t like the shrimp from Little Saigon because they don’t taste fresh. And yes, I am aware that this pad thai has been doctored for non-Asian taste buds.

I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll say it again: Little Saigon doesn’t have the most authentic food, but it is dirt cheap. This comes to $18 for two people, before taxes.

And that’s always good in my books.

~ * ~

Little Saigon
284 Princess Street (near Princess and Clergy)
Kingston, ON
(613) 536-5774

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