Friday, May 22, 2009

Snack Post! – April 2009

In an effort to get through my April photos, I’m going to combine a bunch of short ones to make a snack post. I’ll see how I like this new plan. If it looks good, I’ll do this to try to keep current.

~ * ~

McDamn-I’m-Fat – April 15, 2009

McDonald’s is, and always will be, one of my favourite places to eat. I know the food sucks, but there are so many great memories attached to the place that I just can’t let it go. I tried quitting this year, knowing how bad the food was. It only lasted a month.


I love my BigMac with extra pickles. Soft and squishy. Yummmmmmmmmmm.... I really enjoyed it this time because they stacked my burger with pickles.

Check it out:


Look at that layer of pickles! Oh yeah….


Jimmy got his regular order. Double quarter pounder with cheese and extra slivered onions. He liked it. ‘Nuff said.



To round out our meal, we also bought some McNuggets with Sweet and Sour Sauce. I could definitely live off the Sweet and Sour Sauce. I guess it’s supposed to resemble plum sauce, but I could care less. I just need that sweet, tangy sauce in my life. It’s been my favourite dipping sauce since childhood.

~ * ~

Marinated Duck Wings – April 20, 2009

After gorging ourselves at Mr. Sun’s Dumpling House, Jimmy and I went to T&T to pick up some Chinese groceries. We walked through the prepared foods section and came across a small package of duck wings.


Duck wings are another one of those snacks that brings me back to my childhood. I used to eat them by the pound. In fact, my grandpa still buys them for me occasionally when I come back to Ottawa. They’re kinda pricey, but I love them to death.

These ones were dry and tasteless. However, this was the first time in over a year that I had the opportunity to eat duck wings, so I inhaled them.

Finger-lickin’ goooooood!

~ * ~

Pillsbury Blueberry Turnovers – April 24, 2009

The fact that I was pretty much raised in a kitchen meant that I have a highly developed sense of snobbery for pre-made baked goodies. This applies to cake mixes and especially anything from Pillsbury.

IMG_1593 copy_edited-2

But then a funny thing happened. My aunt bought some Pillsbury blueberry turnovers after picking me up from Chinese school. We had a fun afternoon of unrolling, filling, and sealing the turnovers. Before I realized what was happening, I had started to change my mind about Pillsbury. She even let me decorate the turnovers myself. I drew some pretty pictures (which melted into a pool of icing) and ate it all up. Oh, they were so delicious!

I was craving some baked goodies, but was too busy to bake anything from scratch. I ended up buying a package of blueberry turnovers to bake.

IMG_1582 copy_edited-2

I made them for breakfast the next day. Baking and decorating food is a great way to start your morning. I was so giddy that I drew smiley faces on them.

Just look at those goofy smiles!

~ * ~

Well, that was a relatively painless post. I think I’ll start doing these short blurb posts more often to get through my backlog.

At this rate, I’ll be caught up by July!


  1. Eww those mcdonalds pictures look more disgusting than they should...

    I think you have successfully prevented me from eating any more mcdonalds for a while

  2. Did Pillsbury quit setting Blueberry Turnovers in the US?

  3. To be honest, I'm not sure because we're in Canada.

  4. Hey its a just checking out the site

  5. Unfortunately, Pillsbury doesn't make those delicious blueberry turnovers anymore. What a shame. That was the best product they ever had!


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