Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Tragic Incident with Dumplings – April 6, 2009

Before I left Kingston for the summer, I wanted to make sure that Jimmy had some pre-prepared (this word looks funny) frozen foods to sustain him for four months. I decided I would make a batch of dumplings for supper, and then make another batch to flash freeze.

I made a full cookie sheet of dumplings. They were my own army of dumplings. I remembered the picture I took of the canned lychee in my fridge and had the great idea to use the fridge to light the pictures.



I didn’t clear out the fridge before placing the cookie sheet in, so it was balancing on some jars and condiment bottles. I held the end of the tray with one hand and took the picture in the other hand. All was going well, and I remember thinking that this precarious position could be a bad idea. Just as I thought that, Jimmy asked me a question from the other room, my concentration wavered, and the cookie sheet crashed to the ground.


I don’t have to explain how heartbroken I was when I saw the fruits of my labour squished and deformed on the ground.

But don’t they look great? I’ve only made jiaozi about half a dozen times, so I’m quite proud of how they turned out.


This was what I was able to save.

Luckily, I had planned on making two batches of dumplings, so I had enough filling and wrappers left to make the second batch for dinner.

The second batch wasn’t as pretty because I rushed to fold them (we were both starving at that point). There aren’t any pictures of those.

There’s no recipe for this one. I just wanted to share this story of epic stupidity and sadness. Next time I’ll get someone to help me with my photos. Why is it that I only learn lessons the hard way?

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