Friday, May 22, 2009

Perogies and Fudge - May 9th

We had a bag of frozen perogies in the freezer and someone decided to bring it out for dinner that day. Now since you can't eat perogies without any fixings, bacon was and onions were needed.

Lucy took care of caramelizing the onions and bacon. She cooked some onions and then cooked the bacon seperately. Most of the bacon fat was poored into our bacon fat jar, in which we use it later to fry up eggs or anything else that needed a bacon-y taste, while a bit of the it was saved for the perogies. Who needs vegetable oil or even canola oil when you have bacon fat?

While Lucy was doing that, Richard was browning the perogies on the griddle - using the reserved bacon fat, of course.

When everything was ready to eat, the sour cream was brought out of the fridge. We gorged ourselves silly.

Andrew, who has always played with his food, decided to stuff his perogies with the sour cream, bacon and onions. Looks like a clam, don'nit? (- said with Paula Deen's accent)

Here's the destruction. Notice Richard's bowl of congee behind the sour cream? lol

After the fattening dinner, we craved something sweet. Since I had to go to the bank anyway, we dropped by McD's for a hot fudge sundae with peanuts. Take a look at how much fudge the person gave me. There was barely any ice cream... bah! There was no way I was going to finish all that fudge. When I was finished eating all of the ice cream, there was over a heaping spoonful of fudge that was sitting at the bottom of the cup. Gross! I have to Andrew.

I felt so bloated after that, it wasn't even funny. I think that was one of the healthiest meal we've had in a long time. Hahaaa! (That was a joke, now laugh with me).


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