Sunday, May 10, 2009

Subway and Pan Chancho – March 31, 2009

I decided to go for a walk down Princess Street on a particularly sunny day. I intended on getting some takeout from Ta-ke Sushi, but they close on Tuesdays. Discouraged and a little hungry, I wandered further down Princess Street.


I suddenly craved a smoked salmon croissant, so I went to Pan Chancho. Then I lost my appetite. Knowing I would be hungry later, I bought a croissant anyways. I ate it as a snack sometime after work.

I like to eat croissants by tearing off both ends of the crescent first. Then I start peeling back the layers, starting from the middle. That way, by the time I get to the end, it’s the buttery, least cooked portion of the croissant. Ah, heavenly. Anyway, I didn’t think to take a picture until I was almost finished eating, which is why it looks so weird.


Since I didn’t want to eat a croissant for dinner, I walked down to the very bottom of Princess Street at Ontario Street to the Subway. I like Subway because it’s something that I can rely on to taste pretty much the same anywhere I go. Of course, the sandwich will vary depending on the freshness of the ingredients and the generosity of the “sandwich artist,” but I still think it’s consistent.

I got a foot-long “Spicy Italian” (salami and pepperoni) on Monterey cheddar bread with Swiss cheese (emmental) and lettuce, tomatoes, green olives, extra black olives, and mayo. I have been ordering this same sub since I was in high school. Lately, I’ve changed the bread from my usual whole wheat to the Monterey cheddar, depending on my mood.

I had two complaints with the sandwich. First, the bread only had about a dozen shreds of cheese. If you are advertising cheese bread, then the cheese shouldn’t look like an afterthought. Secondly, the tomatoes sucked. I know it was still spring, but man, those tomatoes were so mealy and flavourless that I just had to pull them out. I actually gagged a couple of times from the awful smell and taste of the tomatoes.

Then again, this is Subway, and not a gourmet sandwich place. I just have to accept that you really do get what you pay for.

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Pan Chancho Bakery
44 Princess Street (across from S&R Department Store)
Kingston, ON
(613) 544-7790

257 Ontario Street, Unit A (Princess and Ontario)
Kingston, ON
(613) 542-9140

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