Friday, May 29, 2009

Rocky Mountain and Fat Tuesdays - May 12th

I read an online article in the Ottawa Citizen that there was going to be a new pizza place in Ottawa during that week while searching for tasty wood oven pizzas. That new pizzeria was going to be open at the beginning of May. Located in the Byward Market, Lucy and I hoped to see if the place was open after work. The restaurant wasn't hard to find, but when we arrived we saw that they were still making finishing touches. A couple of days later, the new pizzeria called The Grand Pizzeria & Bar had opened. Bah! We were THAT close to having pizza! Here's another article that Ron Eade wrote about the newly opened pizzeria. Notice that he didn't really talk about the food? It's a sign.

Anywho, Lucy wasn't that hungry at the time we met downtown so we just walked around, taking in the sights. We walked around the Byward Market and stopped by Rocky Mountain. Here's a glimpse of the candy store. Look at all of those sugar coated apples!

Peeking inside, where the apples were being freshly made.
Lucy and I couldn't resist but buy some sweets to bring home. That's all you need to know. Hahaa!

After walking a bit longer, we decided we should try a restaurant called Fat Tuesday's, which specializes in New Orleans cuisine. We arrived at the pretty empty restaurant. It was only 6pm after all, on a Tuesday, too. We were seated along the windows on their tall tables and stools. Lucy and I waited. We waited some more. Then we wondered, where's the service? There were some ladies sitting at the bar just chatting away that were dressed up. They're definitely part of their staff, I concluded as we watched them chat with, what looked like, their manager. We were getting fed up for being ignored and not even two minutes before I was about to suggest we go somewhere else, our waitress showed up and gave us menus.

Lucy and I ordered some iced tea to drink and looked over the menu. While we were deciding what we wanted, our waitress came twice to check up on us. When we knew what we wanted, we looked for her, but she was no where to be found. Then while I was looking another direction, she popped up. We gave our orders and waited some more. I noticed that other people were given some dinner rolls and butter while they waited for their orders to come. Our waitress dissapeared on us. Again.

To kill some time, I gave Lucy a lesson on how to use direct sunlight to make pictures look better.

Doesn't my glass of iced tea look good? It's missing one thing though; real drops of water (from the condensation) or fake ones (made from a trade secret, and by 'trade' I mean the photography trade, muhahaa!).
It seemed like we were forgotten again, when our dishes arrived. I had ordered the Jambalaya Pasta. My linguine pasta was supposed to be served with a "spicy Creole sauce" with shrimp, chicken and andouille sausage. Does this look spicy to you? Does it even look flavourful?

Yeah no. I was kidding myself when I told Lucy that the pasta was plain. I mean, it was alright when I had it with some shrimp, sausage or chicken, but only cause of the protein. The sauce; it was a plain cream sauce. It wasn't spicy at all (the sausage had heat, but not the sauce). False advertisement!

Lucy had the Shrimp Creole. I stole a bit and concluded that the sauce had more flavour than mine had - definitely a better choice than mine.
I couldn't bring myself to finish my pasta with flavourless cream sauce and Lucy was too full to finish hers, so we got them packed up.

We had to have dessert, cause my main was so dissapointing. There were a couple of choices, but the one that caught our attention was their caramel chocolate cake (something like that). It was like a Turtle in a cake form - without all the sugar. It was delicious! The cake wasn't too sweet like other chocolate cakes tend to be. The caramel added a delicate sweetness to the fudgy cake. Lucy figured it was a flourless cake, as it wasn't cakey. The cake was dense and luscious. The caramel sauce was sticky without being messy. We should've definitely ordered one to go.

When we were finished with our dessert and wanted to pay our bill and leave, our waitress was no where to be found. We weren't surprised. To be fair though, she was helping serve a large party in the back of the restaurant, but come on. Couldn't we just get another waitress who only worked at the front of the restaurant?

To sum up dinner: we'd return to Fat Tuesday's only for their heavenly cake. The service was horrible on a quiet night and our waitress seemed to dissapear whenever we needed her.



Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
55 Byward Market Square
Ottawa, ON

Fat Tuesday's
62 York Street
Ottawa, ON


  1. Christine, I have decided that upon our return to Humber I will humbly ask to accompany you on as many food-adventures as possible. Especially now that I eat meat!!

    Also; we have a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Pickering Town Centre (which is two towns away from Oshawa, and just outside Scarborough) and I have to say that their goods are the stuff of heaven. When I went I had a Caramel, mint, and white and dark chocolate chip apple. FANTASTIC. Also, we taste tested the cheesecake apple and it was amazing! :D Just thought I'd share!

    Amanda (again haha)

  2. Those candied apples looked amazing. Christine and I bought one to share, and it was incredibly juicy and sweet, without losing its apple flavour.


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